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UHA series - Vibration Recorder

Measuring Instruments for RAIL WAY, UHA-2, UHA-3
[Discontinued model, maintenance service only]

Vibration Recorder UHA

Product outline

Vibration Recorder UHA can measure the vibrations on the railed vehicles to evaluate the rail road track conditions and to maintain the railed vehicles. Vibration data is recorded real-time,and can be printed it out.



Model UHA-2 UHA-3
Measurement Direction 2 axis (vertical/horizontal) 3 axis (up / down, right / left, front / rear)
Printer sensible heat recording by thermal head
Measurement Acceleration Select by key operation
Acceleration range (G) 0.25 0.4 0.5 1.0
Record speed (mm/s) 100 70 40 20
Printed Form Speed (mm/s) 5 / 10 / 20 selectable
Data kilometer point threshold of over-data, vibration value, speed
Filter (Hz) low-pass fo = 10, high-pass fo = 0.3
Printed Paper scaled roll paper W112mm × L40m
Keyboard number and operation key (total 20 keys)
LCD 240×128dot with back light
Communication interface USB
Input Signal tachometer generator (1 to 999 pulses / 1 rotation), remote-switch
Power internal battery and AC adapter
Size(mm) W240 × D300 × H130
Weight(kg) about 3.0
Memory unit distance mode (0.25m) / time mode (5ms)
Battery Charge Chargeable with AC adapter (only when main unit power supply is off)