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TY-50 series - Wheel Diameter Measuring Instrument

Measuring Instruments for RAIL WAY


Product outline

For the operation safety of trains, the diameter of the tire is a critical parameter to be maintained. TY-50 is very simple in construction to measure the diameter can be known at sight. You can use this instrument even in the narrowest of sites due to the diameter scale displayed on both sides. This can be attached to the measured flange with the magnet .


  • Applicable to various tire range
  • Direct reading with two-side dial gauge
  • Easy-treatment of weight and design
  • Simple usage in the analogue construction
  • Measurement support by magnet

How to use

1. Set TY-50 along the inside of tire by magnet.
2. Slide TY-50 toward center of tire.
3. Read the diameter from dial gauge.
*to measure accurately, average


Model TY-50
Range of measurement (mmφ) 760 ~ 920 (Different specifications are available on request)
Measurement error (mm) Within ±0.5
Dial gauge 80φ, two-side indication type
Graduation Direct reading, in 1 mm unit
Position of measurement 65 mm outside from the tyre inner side surface (Different specifications are available on request)
Flange height limit (mm) 37
Fixing method Magnetic absorption to the tyre inner side surface
Mass of Instrument (kg) 2.1