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TY-50D - Wheel Diameter Measuring Instrument

Measuring Instruments for RAIL WAY


Product outline

For the operation safety of trains, the diameter of the tire is a critical parameter to be maintained. TY-50D with 7seg LED display is simple in construction to measure the diameter of wheel. Also the magnets can attaches to wheel supports easy to measure.


  • Wheel diameter can be calculated from 3 inner diameter position of wheel
  • LED display with double side makes easy to check the measurement result
  • Measurement support by magnet


Model TY-50D
Range of measurement (mmφ) 670 ~ 945
Measurement Displacement sensor
Accuracy ±0.2 mm (@ 25 degrees Celsius)
Position of measurement 65 mm outside from the tyre inner side surface
Flange height limit (mm) 37
Display 7seg LED
Vehicle No. :01~16
Wheel No.:01~08
Wheel diameter:4 disit(resolution 0.1mm)
Memory size 128 data
Battery nickel metal hydride type rechargeable battery via USB type B
Battery life 6 hours max.
Operational temperature 0 to 45 degrees (10 to 35 degrees when charging)
Body size(mm) W300×D136.5×H227
Mass of Instrument (kg) about 2.3