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TOD-500 - Digital Tire Measuring Instrument

Measuring Instruments for RAIL WAY


Product outline

TOD-500 can measure the flange height and its thick-ness (or the distance from the centre of axis simulta-neously) just by setting the instrument along the tire and pushing one button. Based on the theoretical side, it also can measure the tire thickness. Its LED display shows the result even in dark places.


  • High accuracy by contact type displacement gage
  • Easy-treatment weight and design
  • Simple usage by buttons
  • Bright monitoring via LED display
  • Long life with built –in chargeable Battery
  • Double sided display
  • Auto-power-off function
  • Max. 128 data Memory

How to use

1. Put the guide along the inside of the tire.
2. Slide TOD-500 toward tire. (to measure the flange height)
3. Push the horizontal attachment. (to measure the flange thickness)
4. Adjust the position vertically against the tire
5. Press [set] button once.
*To prevent power loss, it would be turned off automatically if no buttons have been pushed in 30 seconds.


Model TOD-500
Maximum measuring length (mm) 15
Range of measurement (mm) Flange height 25 ~ 40
Distance from the axis center [Type1] 516 ~ 531
Distance from the axis center [Type2] 701 ~ 716
Flange thickness [Type3] 21 ~ 36
Tyre thickness (mm) Direct scale reading type 25 ~ 125 (0 ~ 75 is also available).
Measuring point (mm) 65 from the tyre inside surface
Measurement position (mm) 10 or 13 down from the tread of measuring point
Measurement Sensor Contact type displacement gage
Measuring resolution (mm) 0.1
Display 7 segments, Red LED
Display contents Car number 01 ~ 16 / Wheel number 1 ~ 8
Distance from center of wheel axis (Minimum unit 0.1 mm) / Flange height (Minimum unit 0.1 mm)
USB output Data / Car number / Wheel number / Distance from center of wheel axis / Flange height
Store data capacity 16 cars × 8 wheels = 128 data
Battery duration 6 hours
Power source Ni-MH rechargeable batteries chargeable via USB typeB
Size(mm) W245×D179.5×H37.5
Weight(kg) 1.2