Drop/Shock Testing System, Measuring Device for Testing and Railway

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Acceleration & Impact Recorder G-MEN Series GR01, GR20, DR100


Transport Datalogger for Monitoring

G-MEN is one of the field data recorders with simple functions and has a MEMS type tri-accelerometer and temperature & humidity sensor with about 45-50 days by AA battery. There are 3 models that are 2G, 20G and 100G for selection. All devices have a LCD display that can show you the measured peak acceleration immediately. Measured data can be shown and output as csv file via an analysis software on PC .

[Inspection system]
All devices are through our precision inspection.

[Calibration service]
Regularly calibration service for G-MEN is always available in our company. We can issue a calibration certification sheet of individual G-MEN.

[PC software]
You can download PC software for free via HERE


  • Built in tri-axial acceleration sensor and temperature & humidity sensor.
  • Continuous measurement for up to 50days at 10ms sampling *AA size alkaline battery x 2.
  • Memory capacity 65500 point.
  • Three different models. (GR01 for 2G, GR20 for 20G, DR100(*1) for 100G)


  • Distribution environment survey of package freight, and quality control.
  • Finding problem in distribution environment.
  • Distribution traceability survey.


Model GR01 GR20 DR100(*1)
Acceleration Range (G) 1 / 2 (changeable) 10 / 20 (changeable) 100
Frequency Range (Hz) DC ~ 100 DC ~ 100 16 ~ 100
Resolution (G) 0.01 (at 1G)
0.02 (at 2G)
0.1 (at 10G)
0.2 (at 20G)
Memory size 65500 points
Continuous record time Maximum 45 days (*2) Maximum 50 days (*3)
Sampling rate (ms) 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 20
Temperature & humidity Temperature : 0 ~ 50℃, Humidity : 30 ~ 90% rh
Battery AA battery × 2
Interface USB mini-C USB mini-B
Size (mm) W60.5 × D33.0 × H75.5
Weight (g) 135 (include battery)
OS for software Windows 7/10 (32 / 64bit)
Operating environment (℃) 0 ~ 50 (non condensing)
*1: after our stock DR-100, model will be changed as GR-100
*2: at 1ms sampling, depends on temperature environment / battery performance
*3: at 10ms sampling, depends on temperature environment / battery performance