Drop/Shock Testing System, Measuring Device for Testing and Railway

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Field Data Recorder / Logger DER-PRO

Distribution Environment Recorder


Affordable Field Datalogger

DER-Pro measures shock and vibration, temperature and humidity in transportation with SD card. Recorded data can be performed with multiple analyses, such as PSD, histogram etc on PC software that can be downloaded for free.



  • Built in tri-axial acceleration sensor and temperature & humidity sensor.
  • High capacity memory with SD card
  • Free analysis software


  • Distribution environment survey of package freight, and quality control.
  • Development of standards for package freight drop test and vibration test.
  • Development of packaging specification.
  • Finding problem on distribution environment.
  • Distribution traceability survey.


Memory SD card(16GB)*1
Continuous record time*2 Maximum 7 days by lithium battery
Maximum 3 days by Alkaline battery
(extendable with external power battery)
Trigger mode Accelaration / Timer
Frame length 1024
Sampling rate 1 ms
Acceleration measurement ±16G / ±200G (selectable via software)
Temperature & humidity Temperature : -20 to 60℃, Humidity : 5 to 95% rh
Battery AA batteries × 2
Interface USB typeC
Display LCD
Size (mm) W79 × D79 × H36
Weight (g) 380 (with battery)
Case material Stainless steel(SCS13)+ resin(ABS)
OS for analysis software Windows 10
Operating temp. (℃) -20 ~ 60 (No condensing)
Package DER-PRO, USB cable, AA battery, SD card(16GB)
Options SD card(additional), External battery

*1 Using recommended SD card
*2 25℃(depends on measuring condition.)

Analysis Software

You can use to find your distribution data via analysis software.
It calculates PSD, drop height, and histogram.

Analysis Software