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ACST Series - Dynamic Compression Tester for Cushioning Materials

Automatic Cushioning Shock Tester ACST Series

ACST Series

Dynamic Compression Tester for Cushioning Material for Packaging

ACST can conduct the dynamic compression test to identify the characteristics of cushioning materials.
Shock response acceleration and displacement waveform of cushioning material are captured with ease when the compressive plate is dropped using this tester.


  • Easy operation with the automatic controller.
  • Compressive plates for each mass are variable from 5.0kg to 50kg when in full spec.
  • Velocity of drop plate also can be measured via optional indicator.
  • With the specialized software, the characteristics of cushioning material is analyzed as stress-strain curve, cushion curve, cushion factor, etc. for practical use in the protective packaging design.


  • Testing of cushioning materials (cardboard boxes, expanded polystyrene, urethane foam and etc).

Applied Standard

  • ASTM D 1596-02 (2009)
  • MIL-C-26861-87
  • ISO 4651


Model ACST-200
Specimen max size (mm) 220 × 220
Fall weight (kg) 5.0 ~ 50.0
Max acceleration (m/s²) 3000 (300G)
Max drop height (mm) 1200
Size (W × D × H mm) W565 × D740 × H2730
Capacity (kg) 480
Controller Size (W × D × H mm) W575 × D750 × H1220
Power supply AC200V, 3-phases, 5A


Velocity measuring device VS-2 Measurement of velocity of dropped weight
Analysis software for cushion characteristics
  • Acceleration / Displacement - Time History
  • Cushion fuctor - Dynamic Stress Diagram
  • Maximum Acceleration - Static Stress Diagram
  • Maximum Displacement - Static Stress Diagram
  • Making of Test Data Record Table etc.