Drop/Shock Testing System, Measuring Device for Testing and Railway

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IST Series - Drop Impact Tester

Drop Impact Tester for Materials

ACST Series

Drop Impact Tester for Materials

The Drop impact tester IST series can carry out impact test via free fall impactor. The Mass of the impactor is changeable by the addition of weights, equipped with a braking system for anti-rebound of the impactor, repeatable test can also be conducted fully automatically with easy operation. This tester applies impact test for automotive parts and evaluation of cushioning material, etc.


  • Impactor with free-fall style which mass is interchangeable between 2.3 to 40kg.
  • Maximum drop height is 1200mm
  • Full-automatic test with easy operation
  • Brake function of impactor equipped

Mechanical information

IST Series


  • Impact test for automotive parts (harness, gasoline hose, connector etc.)
  • Shock evaluation of cushioning materials


Model IST-200
Specimen max size (mm) 200 × 200
Impactor weight (kg) Lightweight type : 2.3 ~ 10.0
Heavyweight type : 5.0 ~ 40.0
Max drop height (mm) 1200
Size (W × D × H mm) W565 × D740 × H2400
Capacity (kg) 480
Controller Size (W × D × H mm) W530 × D400× H925
Power supply AC200V, 3-phases, 5A
Air supply 0.6MPa
Option Velocity sensor, Accelerometer, Displacement sensor,Safety equipment

* Available for customization