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TWL series - Wheel Weighing Machines

Measuring Instruments for RAIL WAY TWL-1, TWL-1D, TWL-auto


Product outline

TWL series can measure wheel loads on the track of any kind cars to keep the bilateral weight balance of the train and cargo. Manual operation model with An analog dial scale as TWL-1, a digital scale with LCD as TWL-1D are listed, fully-automatic operation model TWL-auto also.


  • Applicable to various tire range
  • Direct reading with dial gauge (TWL-1)
  • Blight display with LCD display (TWL-1D)
  • Fully-automatic operation model with touch-panel display(TWL-auto)
  • Easy-treatment weight and design
  • Simple usage via specialized construction

How to use

1. Set the guide shaft under the tire.
2. Apply hydraulic pressure by hydraulic jack.
3. Lift up tire until indicator slides between rail and tire.
4. Read the number from display.


Model TWL-1 TWL-1D TWL-auto
Wheel load (KN) 80 max. 60 max. 60 max.
Measuring range of wheel diameter (mm) 760 ~ 860 690~920
Maximum hydraulic pressure (MPa) 77
Measurement graduation (KN) 2 0.1
Indication Dial graduation 3-digits LCD Tatchpanel
Capacity (kg) 15 19 15(body)
8(electric pomp)
Power supply N/A 006P Battery Battery unit
AC100V 12A
Case size(cm)/ weight(kg) W75×D30×H28/10 (1)W75×D30×H28/10