Drop/Shock Testing System, Measuring Device for Testing and Railway

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Drop Tester DTS Series

Drop Tester for Packaged Freight DTS-50, DTS-80, DTS-120
[New model released] DTS-120

Drop Tester for Packaged Freight DTS-50, DTS-80

Popular Model of Drop Test for Packaging

This is a drop tester for packaging that has an air-driven cylinder and tension spring that functions by releasing the sample faster than the free falling speed, aiding the free falling of test sample. This system allows for a dramatic improvement in the falling posture of the test sample and a faster testing cycle. You can conduct accurate drop test using this model.
Model DTS-120 can perform drop test with 20cm drop height evenif large package such as air conditioner compressor unit or large home appliance products using the hinge mechanizm of package holding table.


  • Specialized for packaged freight
  • Wide range of test samples
  • High Reproducibility
  • Easy Maintenance for Long Term Usage
  • Easy-to-Use Test Settings
  • Simple Setting by Simple Construction

DTS-120 movie

Applied Standard

  • ISO 2248
  • ASTM D5276
  • IEC 60068-2-31


  • Free drop test of packaged freights.
  • Fragility test of products.

Option for DTS

  • Support Jig for corner/edge drop
  • Basement for drop test at low height
  • Safety installations
    (Safety fence, Mat-switch, Photoelectric Sensor)
  • Shock acceleration measuring device Shock Manager(Model:SM-500)

Mechanism diagram

Mechanism diagram


Model DTS-50 DTS-80 DTS-120
Specimen max weight(kg) 50 80 120
Specimen max size (mm) W900 × D510 × H900 W900 × D575 × H900 W1000 × D800 × H900
Drop height range (mm) ※ 200 ~ 1200 200 ~ 1800
Operation with drop test High-speed vertical & rotational motion.
Capacity (kg) 300 420 800
Size (mm) W920 × D1480 × H1975 W1000 × D1750 × H2583 W1300 × D2000 × H2600
Power supply AC200V, 3 phasese, 5A AC200V, 3 phasese, 10A
Air pressure (MPa) 0.6 or more 0.7 or more

※ Depends on standard specification (Maximum drop height can be customed)