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Drop Tester DT-80M

Standard Drop Tester for Packaged Freight DT-80M

Drop Tester for Packaged Freight DT-80M

Standard Model of Drop Test for packages

This is a standard drop tester for packages. This system allows for a dramatic improvement in the falling posture of the test sample and a faster testing cycle.


  • Standard model of drop test for packages
  • Specialized for packaged freight
  • High Reproducibility
  • Easy to use with automatic operation
  • Easy Maintenance for Long Term Usage

Applied Standard

  • ISO 2248
  • ASTM D5276
  • IEC 60068-2-31


  • Free drop test of packaged freights.


Model DT-80M
Specimen max weight(kg) 80
Specimen max size (mm) W900 × D575 × H900 (when flat drop)
Drop height range (mm) ※ 200 ~ 1800
Operation with drop test Rotational motion
Capacity (kg) 320
Size (mm) W920 × D1480 × H2583
Power supply AC200V, 3 phasese, 5A
Option Support jig for corner and edge drop

※ Depends on standard specification (Maximum drop height can be customized)

Option for DT-80M

  • Support Jig for corner/edge drop
  • Shock acceleration measuring device Shock Manager(Model:SM-500)