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Pull-down Drop Shock Tester PDST Series


Compact and High Performance Shock Test Machine

PDST-230 is a new mechanical based shock testing system in which the shock table is pulled-down mechanically, with compact built that is able to conduct mechanical shock test on to smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. This new Shock Test Machine meets a wide range of requirements for shock testing and with compact size is easily installed in various location.
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  • Pull-down type Shock Test Machine (patent pending)
  • Compact size (about 50% downsizing comparison with the conventional free-fall style Shock Test Machine)
  • Shock pulse up to 300,000m/s² (30,000G) by dual-shock amplifier
  • Selectable of 2 models (multi-shock generator or single cushioning pad)
  • High repeatability
  • Safety accessories are standard equipment

Applied Standard

  • JEDEC(JESD22-B111)
  • JEITA(ET-7409/106)
  • MIL-STD-810F
  • IEC 60068-2-27-87
  • JIS C 60068-2-27

PDST Movie

  • click here to download the movie.
  • Applications

    This shock tester applies to a high shock acceleration for computer's parts, digital cameras, smart phones, tablets, mobiles, displays, small household appliances, and mobile products for the Product fragility testing.


    Model PDST-230M PDST-230S
    Table size(mm) 236 × 236
    Testable mass(kg) up to 20
    Shock pulse shape Half-sine
    Shock acceleration
    490 ~ 7840(50 ~ 800G) 1470 ~ 22540(150 ~ 2300G)
    Optional shock
    acceleration range(m/s²)
    98,000 (10,000G) ~ 294,000 (30,000G) at 0.07 ~ 0.2 ms * HGP-150 use
    Pulse duration
    range (ms)
    2.5 ~ 20(multi-shock generator) 0.5 / 1 / 3(single cushioningg pad)
    * select 1 in 3 programmers
    Velocity change(m/s) 15 max.
    Base Pneumatic springs and hydraulic damper device
    Break system Pneumatic-hydraulic brake system
    Test mode Single shot / Multi-shock mode
    (W × D × H mm)
    650 × 800 × 1800
    Capacity (kg) 1500
    Power supply 100~240VAC
    Air supply over 0.8MPa and 350dm³

    Option for PDST230

    Additional programmer Shock programmers (duration is 0.5ms, 1ms, 3ms) are lined-up for additional order
    Shock Manager
    Measurement instrument for shock acceleration, Shock Manager SM-500
    Dual-shock amplifier High acceleration about 300,000m/s²(30,000G) are generated when shock duration time is 0.2 / 0.5 / 1 / 2 by HGP series.
    HGP series Link
    Safety equipment Signal light for safetyLink
    Others Air compressor, Acceleration pick-up